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Upholding Democracy: WLEDE’s Role in Advancing the State of Democracy in Uganda and Africa.

November 24, 2023      

In an ongoing commitment to effect policy change and promote gender equality in mainstream party politics, WLEDE has been actively engaged in collaborative efforts with various stakeholders. These endeavors encompass Diplomatic missions, Members of Parliament, grassroots Human Rights Defenders (HRDs), representatives from the Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) and Uganda Police Force (UPF), as well as diverse Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

A pivotal moment in WLEDE’s involvement was the participation in the dissemination ceremony of the “State of Democracy in Uganda and Africa” report produced by Hatchille Consult Limited under the Afrobarometer umbrella. Afrobarometer, a pan-African, independent, and non-partisan research network, specializes in measuring public attitudes towards economic, political, and social matters across 39 countries on the continent. With its headquarters in Accra, Ghana, Afrobarometer operates as a registered limited company by guarantee under the Registrar-General’s Department of the Republic of Ghana.

The “State of Democracy in Uganda and Africa” report is a testament to the collective efforts of numerous stakeholders striving for a more transparent, accountable, and participatory governance framework. Through meticulous surveys conducted across diverse demographics and geographical regions, the report encapsulates critical insights into multifaceted aspects of society, ranging from democracy and governance to economic well-being, justice, and political participation.

WLEDE’s role extended beyond mere participation; it encompassed active engagement in the dissemination phase of the report. By attending the dissemination ceremony, WLEDE ensured that the findings, reflections, and recommendations derived from the Afrobarometer’s extensive surveys were widely shared and comprehended by key stakeholders and the general populace.

The focus of the Afrobarometer round 9 surveys encompassed several crucial domains: Democracy and Governance, Trust in State Institutions, Accountability and Corruption, Political and Electoral Reforms, Identity and Citizenship, Poverty, Livelihood, and Economic Well-being, Justice and Rights, Political Participation, Security and Public Safety.

These surveys were meticulously spread across demographics and geographical regions, yielding significant findings:

  1. Diminishing Democracy: The report highlighted concerning trends indicating a decline in the state of democracy in Uganda and several African nations.
  2. Citizens’ Aspirations: Notably, there emerged a resounding demand for enhanced democratic principles, including increased support for term and age limits in governance, underscoring the populace’s desire for accountable leadership.
  3. Challenges and Threats: The report identified challenges such as rising autocracy and emphasized the pressing need for accountability in governance structures.

WLEDE’s commitment to this cause is unwavering. By actively participating in the dissemination ceremony and ensuring that the findings reach a broad spectrum of stakeholders, WLEDE continues to champion an informed, empowered, and engaged citizenry. Through such concerted efforts, WLEDE endeavors to catalyze positive change, fostering a more robust democratic framework not only in Uganda but across the African continent.

At the heart of WLEDE’s mission lies a commitment to fostering an enlightened and empowered electorate. WLEDE is dedicated to amplifying awareness and understanding among the masses through comprehensive mass sensitization efforts for all echoes the fundamental belief that an enlightened populace serves as the bedrock of a vibrant democracy.

As WLEDE navigates these complex landscapes, the mission remains unwavering – to foster an informed, empowered, and engaged citizenry, thus contributing to the advancement of democracy and gender equality within Uganda’s political sphere.