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Gender equality is one of the major global strategies and it entails bringing the perceptions, experiences, knowledge and interests of women and men to bear on policy-making, planning and decision-making.

Gender equality and women’s rights cannot be side stepped by any strategic action intended to multiply the leaders that can be dependable for social transformation. Mainstreaming gender equality is essential for securing human rights and social justice for women and men.

WLEDE focusses on gender equality and women’s rights because women form the majority of the vulnerable groups in economic, social and political sectors.

Women issues are Uganda’s issues because women constitute 52% of the most productive population they need to be involved in all aspects of planning and development for them to contribute to their real issues.

WLEDE generates, documents and disseminates knowledge of gender perspectives in different areas of the society in a bid to empower women and increase awareness.

This include;- capacity development of duty bearers, local leaders and communities; produce fact sheets, briefing notes on the linkages between gender and different sectors, competence and skills development programs and production of IEC material.

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