2015 Achievements

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  •  This was the second year into the implementation of the “Beyond 2011: Promoting the integrity, credibility and transparency of the electoral process in Uganda through legislative advocacy and civic education” project.
  •  Being a pre-election year, our two major achievements were; – increment of women’s participation in elective leadership.
  •  Civic education to the different target groups mainly in the urban poor and rural areas mainstreaming gender responsiveness to the electorate.
  •  WLEDE became stronger than ever due to our continually resource mobilization strategies and our partners who have supported us with resources, and talent to attain our mission. We received two grants.
  •  WLEDE conducted a unified, comprehensive and effective domestic election observation mission for the 2016 general elections in a consortium of other NGOs for one year July 2015 – June 2016 supported by Democratic Governance Facility – DGF.
  •  Enhancing the Observance of Fundamental Human Rights of Indigenous and Migrant Communities in Kyenjojo, Kyegegwa and Kamwenge in Rwenzori Region – October 2015 – September 2018. Supported by the Delegation of the European Union – EU.
  •  WLEDE acquired QUAM certificate. Quality Assurance Mechanism (QuAM) is a self-regulating instrument for NGOs launched in 2006.
  • QuAM’s design is intended to promote adherence to generally accepted ethical standards and operational norms by NGOs.
    Having met the standards for NGOs on 17th December 2015 WLEDE was awarded a Certificate.
    This certifies that WLEDE has satisfactorily met the minimum standards pertaining to ethical governance, effective management of resources, demonstration of effective relationships with other actors, and accountability to stakeholders.