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Sustainable leadership for development.



To improve the quality contribution of women and youth leaders for Social Transformation through leadership capacity development



To address the leadership capacity gaps in women and youth leaders for social transformation.

10 Years

Experience in

leadership capacity

Through good governance and

respecting human dignity

Our History

Women Leadership Development – WLEDE is a non-profit organization established in October 2012 to develop leadership capacity, and make proactive women and youth leaders to enable them contribute and sustain the development of the nation through good governance and respecting human dignity.

We recognize that, for women and youth leaders to play their role in the development of the nation, their leadership capacity must be enhanced.This involves the discipline of deliberately exerting special influence to move them towards accomplishing goals of beneficial performance in order to address their real needs.

For any nation to develop there needs to be cutting edge leadership, continuous knowledge generation, dissemination and innovation to ensure good governance and sustainability.

WLEDE guides and promotes actions that build sustainable leadership in women and youth leaders. It is a vehicle for developing high caliber of women and youth leaders, a requisite to attain quality political participation, sustain good governance and uphold human dignity.

We develop relevant cutting edge leadership capacity development programs as well as build a base of trainers in order to sustain women and youth leadership.

Our Values

These are the values that guide WLEDE‘s work;

  • Respect – We value people.
  • Professionalism – qualification and experience in different disciplines.
  • Integrity – transparency and accountability.
  • Needs Based Programming – Suitability of programs for diverse sectors of focus.
  • Growth and development – A culture of continual improvement.