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Uganda National Budget Day: Have Women and Youth Been Catered For?

June 13, 2024      

Uganda’s National Budget Day has come and gone, with the government unveiling a budget of UGX 72.136 trillion for the fiscal year 2024/2025. This budget sets the stage for addressing the nation’s developmental priorities, but it also raises an essential question: Have women and youth been adequately catered for? And how can these groups best benefit from the allocations made?

Evaluating Gender Equality and Youth Empowerment in the Budget

Gender Equality: The budget includes measures aimed at promoting gender equality by allocating funds to various programs supporting women’s rights, economic participation, and leadership roles. These initiatives are crucial for closing gender gaps and enabling women to contribute significantly to Uganda’s development.

Organizations such as the Women Leadership Development (WLEDE) stress the importance of mainstreaming gender perspectives in all policy-making and planning processes. This ensures that women’s needs and experiences are adequately addressed in development efforts. However, the impact of these allocations depends on effective implementation and continuous advocacy to ensure that women benefit from these provisions​ (Women Leadership Development [WLEDE])​​ (Women Leadership Development [WLEDE])​.

Youth Empowerment: Youth empowerment is another key focus of the budget, with substantial investments in education, vocational training, and entrepreneurship. These initiatives are designed to equip young Ugandans with the necessary skills and opportunities to succeed and drive national development. By fostering innovation and reducing unemployment, the budget aims to create a dynamic and forward-looking economy.

Programs supporting youth-led enterprises and encouraging youth participation in governance are crucial for ensuring that young people can actively shape the nation’s future. However, as with gender equality, the effectiveness of these initiatives relies on proper implementation and support​ (Women Leadership Development [WLEDE])​.

Call to Action: How Can Women and Youth Benefit?

To ensure that women and youth fully benefit from the budget allocations, several key actions need to be taken:

  1. Awareness and Advocacy:
    • Stay Informed: Women and youth should stay informed about the specific programs and funds allocated for their benefit within the budget. Understanding what is available is the first step towards utilizing these resources effectively.
    • Advocate for Fair Implementation: Advocacy groups and individuals must push for the fair and transparent implementation of these programs. Holding authorities accountable ensures that allocated funds reach their intended beneficiaries.
  2. Engagement and Participation:
    • Get Involved: Women and youth should actively participate in the programs and initiatives supported by the budget. This includes enrolling in vocational training, applying for business grants, and engaging in leadership training.
    • Community Engagement: By getting involved in local governance and community projects, women and youth can ensure their voices are heard and their needs are addressed in broader development plans.
  3. Utilizing Support Networks:
    • Leverage Support Organizations: Organizations like WLEDE provide valuable support and resources for women and youth. Engaging with such organizations can provide additional training, mentorship, and advocacy support.
    • Networking: Building networks with other beneficiaries can create a support system that enhances the effectiveness of the initiatives.


The 2024/2025 budget presents significant opportunities for advancing gender equality and empowering youth in Uganda. However, the success of these initiatives depends on active participation, continuous advocacy, and effective implementation. Women and youth must take proactive steps to ensure they fully benefit from the resources allocated to them.

For more details on the specific allocations and programs within the budget, you can visit the Parliament of Uganda’s official announcement and related news coverage. Engage, advocate, and participate to make the most of what the budget offers.