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The State of Schools in Lango Region: A Recurring Trend and Its Impact on Female Students

June 17, 2024      

In recent weeks, Northern Uganda’s Lango region has seen a surge in student protests, notably at King James Comprehensive Secondary School, Amugu Seed Secondary School, and Akura Seed Secondary School. Students are rebelling against stringent disciplinary measures, including the forceful confiscation of mobile phones and non-uniform attire​ (Radio COMNETU)​​ (DOKOLO POST)​. This ongoing unrest highlights deeper issues within the education system, particularly affecting female students.

Impact on Female Students

  1. Educational Disruption: Strikes lead to missed classes and delayed curricula, disproportionately impacting female students who already face numerous educational barriers.
  2. Increased Vulnerability: During protests, female students are at greater risk of harassment and abuse, both from peers and authorities.
  3. Psychological Stress: The aggressive enforcement of rules and subsequent unrest contribute to heightened stress and anxiety among female students, affecting their academic performance and mental health.

These protests not only disrupt academic activities but also disproportionately impact female students, exacerbating their educational challenges. With female students already facing societal and economic hurdles, the hostile school environment further diminishes their chances for uninterrupted learning and personal growth.

Why This Trend is Reoccurring in 2024

  1. Outdated Disciplinary Methods: The continued use of harsh disciplinary tactics reflects a lack of modernization in school policies, failing to adapt to the evolving needs of students.
  2. Lack of Dialogue: There is a significant communication gap between students and school administrations. Students feel their voices and concerns are not being heard, leading to frustration and rebellion.
  3. Systemic Issues: Broader systemic problems such as inadequate funding, lack of teacher training, and insufficient resources exacerbate the situation, preventing meaningful reform.


The ongoing student strikes in the Lango region underscore the urgent need for educational reforms that prioritize dialogue, respect, and modern disciplinary practices. Addressing these issues is crucial for creating a safe and conducive learning environment, especially for female students who face unique challenges in their educational journey.

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