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SCOVIA FINDS JOY IN GROWING VEGETABLES e.g Promotion of green economy yields buffer of vegetables

November 11, 2019      

Scovia Apioa 38 year resident ofOtara parish, and an office cleaner at Aromo Sub County got interested in growing vegetables in April 2019 after attending trainings on Natural Resource management. In the trainings, aspects of vegetable growing was tackled as means of earning from the green economy. Scovia being a person with limited land for cultivation, she planted cabbage at the back yard of her main house near the sub county Headquarters.

After three month, a piece of land that measures just ¼ acre with cabbages planted on it, earned Scovia an amount worth 700,000sh. Within the same period, on slightly smaller piece of land, she planted some tomatoes which earned her 300,000sh. In all, she earned 1,000,000 shillings from the sale of cabbages and tomatoes. The photograph does not show us the tomatoes and cabbages?? Please provide a caption on the photo

Scovia admits that this was a better deal for her compared to 450,000sh got from the sale of 2½ bags of soya beans which was cultivated on a hired two acre piece of land. Life has not been the same again for Scovia as she found it easy to pay for her son (Odyek Innocent) at Okwang Secondary School. She has also bought herself a spray pump to help in her work during spraying which is very necessary in vegetable growing.

Scovia now has bigger plans in vegetable growing, she intends to hire a large piece of land (an Acre each) for cabbage and onion growing come next season. Currently she has tomatoes and onions on her garden of which when sold both can raise up to a total of 800,000sh come this December 2019.

Joy and happiness is all over Scovia’s because within the shortest period in a year, her life looks much better. She is now able to pay school fees in time with less difficulties and able to take care of her basic needs like buying household items besides doing savings with a local savings group in her village which is done on weekly basis.