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Leadership Journey

September 14, 2020      

On the last day of training, Ms. Rose Abir who belongs to FDC and a proven determined woman leader confidently shared her purposeful leadership journey in the political space which really inspired the participants.  Rose had dropped out of school when in senior one and was married off.

The main two factors that contributed to her determination was her openness with the husband sharing all her planned intentions to join leadership and the utilization of the home area when she was born.  With the support of her father and staying with her local community, greatly contributed to influencing the community members.   She was elected as LCIII at village level, now she is a councillor at Gulu district.  Rose admitted that WLEDE training had made her more determined to pursue further her dream in mainstream leadership. 

In the coming General Elections 2021, she is standing to become Women MP for Gulu district.  Besides, she had already gone back to school with the support of her family, to get the required academic credential