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Heroines of the pandemic; The tale of Councilor Florence Aciiro

August 25, 2021      

Councilor Florence is one of our star beneficiaries of programs that run throughout 2018 and 2019, when we met she was but another vendor making ends meet in the Kampala sun but with the right capacity building in communication lobbying and advocacy and the invaluable mentorship councilor Florence grew leaps and bounds above any and all expectations.

Councilor Florence began her humble journey in the world of leadership in 2020, playing an instrumental role in the inaugural Uganda Women Vendors Manifesto for 2021- 2026, a cause that was very dear to her, this manifesto will act as the driving tool to shape and drive up vendor numbers in leadership at all levels in Uganda. She would go on to “Walk the Talk” by not only contesting for the 2021 general election as a councilor in Naguru IIB parish and against all odds she went on to win the polls.

In June 2021 with the country hit by the deadly Covid 19 pandemic and a lockdown instituted across the whole country, councilor Florence was at the front of the battle, spearheading the provision of much-needed sensitization and tools to combat the deadly disease.

She would go on to lobby for sponsorships and scholarships for secondary school-going girls from s1-s5 in her community.

Alas, she did not stop there in July 2021 she spearheaded the Nakawa city council to provide necessities like posho, beans, soap, and first aid kits for the elderly community of Naguru ii B parish.

Councilor Aciiro goes on to show how far leaders with the right skills and preparation can impact their communities and maybe even ripple out to the entire country or even the world someday.

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