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Harvesting Dreams: Empowering Uganda’s Youth Through AgribusinessHarvesting Dreams: Empowering Uganda’s Youth Through Agribusiness

February 26, 2024      

In the bustling streets of Kampala, Uganda, a buzz of excitement filled the air as the Harvest Money Expo kicked off its annual event. Among the throngs of attendees were hundreds of youths, eager to explore the opportunities awaiting them in the world of agriculture. Many of them were beneficiaries of the Strengthening Capacity for Youth Agribusiness Development in Uganda (SCADU) program, a transformative initiative aimed at training 4000 young individuals in agricultural-related businesses.

One such participant was James, a recent graduate who had once viewed agriculture as a last resort. However, after attending workshops and seminars organized by SCADU, James’s perspective shifted. “I realized that agriculture isn’t just about farming,” he said, his eyes bright with enthusiasm. “It’s about innovation, entrepreneurship, and making a difference in our communities.”

James’s sentiments echoed those expressed by many of his peers at the expo. Armed with knowledge gained from SCADU, they eagerly explored the various stalls and exhibitions, interacting with industry experts and learning about the latest advancements in agribusiness.

At the New Vision booth, attendees were treated to insightful articles and resources aimed at empowering young agripreneurs. From success stories of SCADU graduates to practical tips for improving crop yields, the booth served as a hub of inspiration and information.

Meanwhile, at the Harvest Money stage, a panel discussion was underway, featuring SCADU alumni sharing their experiences and insights. Mary, a young woman from rural Uganda, captivated the audience with her journey from subsistence farming to agribusiness success. “Thanks to SCADU, I was able to access training and mentorship that transformed my small farm into a thriving enterprise,” she shared, her voice resonating with pride.

As the expo drew to a close, the impact of SCADU on Uganda’s youth was palpable. Many participants left with newfound confidence and determination, ready to embark on their own agribusiness ventures. For them, SCADU was not just a program; it was a catalyst for change, a beacon of hope in a sector ripe with potential.

In the days and weeks that followed, stories of SCADU graduates making waves in the agricultural industry became the talk of the town. From innovative farming techniques to groundbreaking agri-tech startups, the youth of Uganda were proving that they were more than capable of driving the country’s agricultural sector forward.

As the sun set on another successful Harvest Money Expo, James and his fellow SCADU graduates looked towards the future with optimism. With their newfound skills and determination, they were ready to seize the countless opportunities that awaited them in Uganda’s agricultural landscape. And as they set out to make their mark, they did so with the knowledge that they were part of a generation poised to transform Uganda’s agricultural sector for the better.

The Women Leadership Development (WLEDE) stands in awe of the remarkable progress made by the young women who have participated in the program. As we reflect on their journeys, from overcoming obstacles to seizing opportunities, we cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride. These women have not only demonstrated resilience and determination but have also exemplified the values that lie at the core of WLEDE – empowerment, inclusivity, and innovation.

In conclusion, Women Leadership Development (WLEDE) proudly admires the remarkable progress of its participants. Through initiatives like Strengthening Capacity for Youth Agribusiness Development in Uganda (SCADU), we’ve seen the transformative power of agriculture in young women’s lives. Agribusiness is a fundamental value, driving empowerment, inclusivity, and innovation. WLEDE remains committed to fostering women’s leadership in agribusiness, recognizing its vital role in sustainable development and economic growth. We celebrate our participants’ achievements and look forward to their continued success, knowing they are paving the way for a brighter future.