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“Empowered: Belinda Amanya’s Trailblazing Victory in East African Youth Parliament Leadership”

November 23, 2023      

Belinda Amanya, a 21-year-old student from Rukungiri District, achieved a historic milestone by clinching the esteemed position of the 6th Speaker of the East African Youth Parliament (EAYP). Her remarkable journey, empowered and nurtured by WLEDE, showcased the tremendous impact of dedicated efforts towards youth development.

As an active beneficiary and proud alumnus of WLEDE, Belinda Amanya, a third-year Law student at Gulu University, stood tall amidst a closely contested election in Arusha, Tanzania. Competing against two formidable contenders, her resounding victory of 26 votes not only solidified her position but also highlighted the instrumental role that WLEDE played in her leadership journey.

Looking ahead to her tenure, Belinda is poised to amplify the voices of the East African Youth Assembly, ensuring their perspectives are heard and valued by various stakeholders. Her vision extends to collaborating with organizational partners such as the East African Legislative Assembly and engaging fellow delegates to champion their collective viewpoints.

The East African Youth Parliament, a stronghold of youth empowerment causes, was established in 2009 under the East Africa Community Convention declaration. Belinda’s ascent to the Speaker’s role embodies the ethos of WLEDE’s mission, emphasizing gender mainstreaming and sustainable development.

Belinda’s victory over her male counterparts with a significant lead—18 votes for Mr. Savior Tombe from South Sudan and a mere 4 votes for Mr. Faustin Casimile Maugisha from Rwanda—underscored her exceptional leadership skills and the comprehensive support provided by WLEDE’s initiatives.

Her success narrative isn’t just about an individual’s triumph but a testament to the impactful strides made possible through WLEDE’s ongoing SWOPA project. Their dedicated efforts towards active gender mainstreaming within political parties have evidently contributed to nurturing visionary leaders like Belinda Amanya.

Belinda Amanya’s journey from beneficiary to a prominent leader in the East African Youth Parliament exemplifies the transformative potential of initiatives like WLEDE. Her success serves as an inspiring beacon, reflecting the collaborative efforts towards empowering young leaders and fostering sustainable development across the region.