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 A Glimpse into the Global Landscape

January 16, 2024      

In a significant shift, 28 women currently serve as Heads of State and/or Government across 26 countries, marking a milestone in global politics. Among them, 15 countries have women as their Heads of State, challenging traditional norms and inspiring a new era of diversity in leadership.

Uganda, under President Yoweri Museveni’s leadership, exemplifies a commitment to female representation. Uganda has  increased the percentage of women in the cabinet from 27% to an impressive 43%, with women now holding 46% of local government positions, 33% of parliamentary seats, and 43% of cabinet positions.

However, a report from Uganda underscores that progress is uneven, emphasizing the persistent challenges women face in politics. Globally, women Cabinet Ministers commonly hold portfolios related to Women and gender equality, Family and children affairs, Social inclusion and development, Social protection and social security, and Indigenous and minority affairs.

While celebrating the achievements of these women leaders, it’s essential to acknowledge the ongoing struggle for gender equality in politics. The journey toward equal representation is far from over, emphasizing the need for continued commitment and collective efforts. These women pioneers have broken barriers, but the path to true equality requires sustained dedication to dismantling obstacles and fostering an inclusive political landscape.