December 28, 2022      

Friends, It’s time to close the books of another year, and  there wouldn’t be any books to close if you did not play part in what transpire in WLEDE – 2022.   Together, we have been able to accomplish a lot of  amazing interventions and eventually achieved the year’s goal.  It has been a  year for growth, rebuilding, making new connections and enhancing the existing ones, taking our footprint to the very cusp of imagination and expectation. Our resilience, patience, and innovation have been tested and we are proud to see WLEDE moving to another level with all of you, unlocking the potential of each and every one we engaged with. 

During this Festive Season, please  don’t dwell on the disappointments and the failures.  Reflect on the gains and successes you will find that you have much to be thankful for with those you are most thankful to.  You deserve nothing less than a Merry Christmas and a refreshing end of year.

Cheers to more challenges and milestones with WLEDE come 2023!