In a dynamic collaboration between AWDF, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and key stakeholders, our recent engagement sessions soared to new heights. With a surge of enthusiasm and participation, the day brimmed with fruitful interactions, echoing the resounding commitment to women’s empowerment in Uganda.

The LFS Evaluation Team lauded WLEDE’s remarkable work and mobilization efforts, underscoring the impact of our collective endeavors. Amidst the bustling discussions, the day unfolded seamlessly, adhering to the plan with precision and grace.

Despite a delightful overflow of participants, we navigated logistical challenges with finesse, ensuring every voice was heard and valued. The IWOP Team and Male Champions extended heartfelt gratitude to WLEDE for steadfast support, acknowledging the transformative journey we’ve embarked on together.

With gratitude and momentum, we move forward, armed with insights that will shape policy, strengthen partnerships, and propel women’s empowerment initiatives to greater heights. Together, we amplify voices, ignite change, and pave the path towards a more inclusive and equitable future.