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This Advocacy Forums Guidebook is a crucial resource dedicated to advancing the cause of gender equality within party politics. In an era marked by unprecedented connectivity and rapid dissemination of information, advocacy forums have emerged as vital platforms for dialogue, debate, and collective action. Whether online or offline, these forums serve as arenas where diverse perspectives converge, where ideas clash and evolve, and where strategies for change are forged.

You will find a wealth of practical insights, strategies, and best practices drawn from the experiences of seasoned advocates and community organizers. From navigating complex issues of intersectionality and privilege to harnessing the potential of digital advocacy tools, this guidebook offers diversity.  It will further equip advocates with the knowledge and resources needed to drive meaningful change. It is like having a friend to help you along the way.

Beyond the realm of policy prescriptions and campaign strategies, this guidebook is a call to action—a call to each and every one of us to be agents of change in our own right.

As we embark on this journey together, let us remember that advocacy for gender equality is not a solitary endeavor but a reflection of our shared values of justice, equality, and human dignity. May this guidebook serve as a source of guidance as we strive to build a more just, equitable, and compassionate world for all.

WLEDE expresses gratitude to African Women’s Development Fund – AWDF for supporting this project and development of the guidebook through “Leading from the South” program.

In solidarity,


Edith Ssali

Executive Director