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Women Leadership Development

Women Leadership Development – WLEDE joins the international and national efforts to mark the 16 days of Activism against Gender Based Violence (GBV).

WLEDE’s Mission is “To improve the quality contribution of women and youth leaders for Social Transformation through leadership capacity development”

WLEDE’s programs are holistically designed to increase women’s participation in leadership focusing on mainstream positions in the political and social sectors. WLEDE engagement with the Uganda political parties in the last five years, realized that there is some appreciation of women to take up mainstream positions although GBV also prevails in the processes of achieving that. WLEDE therefore, calls on all political party leaders, local government leaders and the electorate to support the integration of gender aspects into decision making procedures and processes.

Globally, communities have realized the urgency of an enabling environment for women to actively participate in political mainstream positions. In the absence of inclusive political systems, women will not be able to develop or succeed in political leadership thus affecting development of the communities and nation at large.

Despite the enactment of the Domestic Violence Act (2010), gender-based violence perpetuated against women and girls is still rife, estimated at over 60 percent by various studies[1].Socially, GBV appears to be accepted and further fueled by a culture of impunity. WLEDE recommends all political parties, local government and all power influencers to embrace gender equality and enlist their support to eliminate GVB in leadership.

Let’s strike out GBV from Uganda political and Public agenda!

Support women take up mainstream leadership positions for a better and productive Uganda.

Aluta Continua!


[1]Madanda et al. (2009); UBOS and Macro International Inc. (2007); Kaye et al. (2005).