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Women Leadership Development

Women Leadership Development – WLEDE joins the international and national efforts to mark the 16 days of Activism against Gender Based Violence (GBV).

WLEDE’s Mission is “To improve the quality contribution of women and youth leaders for Social Transformation through leadership capacity development”

WLEDE’s programs are holistically designed to increase women’s participation in leadership focusing on mainstream positions in the political and social sectors. WLEDE engagement with the Uganda political parties in the last five years, realized that there is some appreciation of women to take up mainstream positions although GBV also prevails in the processes of achieving that. WLEDE therefore, calls on all political party leaders, local government leaders and the electorate to support the integration of gender aspects into decision making procedures and processes.

Globally, communities have realized the urgency of an enabling environment for women to actively participate in political mainstream positions. In the absence of inclusive political systems, women will not be able to develop or succeed in political leadership thus affecting development of the communities and nation at large.

Despite the enactment of the Domestic Violence Act (2010), gender-based violence perpetuated against women and girls is still rife, estimated at over 60 percent by various studies[1].Socially, GBV appears to be accepted and further fueled by a culture of impunity. WLEDE recommends all political parties, local government and all power influencers to embrace gender equality and enlist their support to eliminate GVB in leadership.

Let’s strike out GBV from Uganda political and Public agenda!

Support women take up mainstream leadership positions for a better and productive Uganda.

Aluta Continua!


[1]Madanda et al. (2009); UBOS and Macro International Inc. (2007); Kaye et al. (2005).

Scovia Apioa 38 year resident ofOtara parish, and an office cleaner at Aromo Sub County got interested in growing vegetables in April 2019 after attending trainings on Natural Resource management. In the trainings, aspects of vegetable growing was tackled as means of earning from the green economy. Scovia being a person with limited land for cultivation, she planted cabbage at the back yard of her main house near the sub county Headquarters.

After three month, a piece of land that measures just ¼ acre with cabbages planted on it, earned Scovia an amount worth 700,000sh. Within the same period, on slightly smaller piece of land, she planted some tomatoes which earned her 300,000sh. In all, she earned 1,000,000 shillings from the sale of cabbages and tomatoes. The photograph does not show us the tomatoes and cabbages?? Please provide a caption on the photo

Scovia admits that this was a better deal for her compared to 450,000sh got from the sale of 2½ bags of soya beans which was cultivated on a hired two acre piece of land. Life has not been the same again for Scovia as she found it easy to pay for her son (Odyek Innocent) at Okwang Secondary School. She has also bought herself a spray pump to help in her work during spraying which is very necessary in vegetable growing.

Scovia now has bigger plans in vegetable growing, she intends to hire a large piece of land (an Acre each) for cabbage and onion growing come next season. Currently she has tomatoes and onions on her garden of which when sold both can raise up to a total of 800,000sh come this December 2019.

Joy and happiness is all over Scovia’s because within the shortest period in a year, her life looks much better. She is now able to pay school fees in time with less difficulties and able to take care of her basic needs like buying household items besides doing savings with a local savings group in her village which is done on weekly basis.

Source: The New Vision

L-R the Secretary General Alliance for the National Transformation Alice Alaso, Jennifer Bitalabeho, the Chair Governance Board Women Leadership Development WLEDE, the Executive Director WLEDE, Edith Ssali and Sarah Bagalaaliwo during a meeting in Kampala. 

The Executive Director WLEDE, Edith Ssali said the network helps the women to share information on politics and how they can compete for different positions.

Women from nine political parties have formed a network to address issues affecting women.

With help from the Women Leadership Development (WLEDE), the women have put aside their different political ideologies to find solutions for problems affecting women.

WLEDE is a non-profit organisation established in 2012 to develop the leadership capacity of women and youth leaders.

The political parties include Forum for Democratic Change, Democratic Party, NRM, Uganda People’s Congress, the Conservative party, Democratic Party and Justice Forum among others.

The Executive Director WLEDE, Edith Ssali said the network helps the women to share information on politics and how they can compete for different positions.

Others issues the women will address include female genital mutilation (FGM) trafficking of girls to UAE and sexual and gender-based violence among others.

"The women established a virtual network group where they are sharing information on leadership and politics on how to take on different positions," Ssali said.
Speaking during the meeting in Kampala, Ssali also said the current high corruption cases have blocked women from joining politics.

"We have very few leaders coming up to take positions because of the environment. Some members feel they are not confident to work with people who are corrupt," Ssali added.

The Secretary-General Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), Alice Alaso said the initiative will help women to come together to work out ways in which their issues are addressed.

"Problems affecting women in the opposition are not different from the problems affecting women in the ruling party. When women are dying in hospitals, they don’t ask for party colours. This is a good initiative that women come together and leave their parties at the door," Alaso said.

Faridah Lule, an analyst at Citizens' Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) advised that voter education should start now in preparation for the forthcoming elections.

The National Coordinator ANT Major Gen Mugisha Muntu said called for a change in the culture of governance adding that the problem in politics is not a lack of leaders being in positions of power, but the quality of leaders.

Felix Acala the Local Council II – Apua Parish Aromo Sub County (Parish Leader) has been attending trainings on Natural Resources Management at the sub county headquarters of Aromo organised by Women Leaderships Development and facilitated by District Natural Resource Officer of Lira District Local Government. Felix just like any other participant got his capacity built on natural resource management of which the acquired knowledge has been put into use to change the mindsets of the people in his parish.

This has been challenging to him since as a leader he was also involved in mismanagement of natural resources in his area, Felix has been part of people farming in wetland as means of survival. Therefore it was a double standard for him.

However, in September 2019, He could not continue with his actions because as a leader who is on the Natural Resource committee in parish, he is expected to monitor and report on natural resource activities in his area, this prompted him to come out and leave farming in the wetland. This was attributed to the numerous trainings at the sub county which got him transformed and became a change agent to transform his community.

He has now started farming on the main land and he was head of leaders from his parish who in October went to Aleka Parish that neighbors them from Oyam District and talked to the leaders from there to sensitize their people as well on the dangers of mismanagement of natural resources. Felix is very happy with Women Leadership development together with Leaders of Lira District Local Government for having built their capacity as leaders at both sub county and parish level.

Enhancing Green Opportunities for young people and women in Lira district through private, public sector. EGO project.

A three day annual review and planning meeting on the EGO project was held at AVSI – Lira office (from 15th – 17th Jan 2019. The meeting attracted the following participants who are behind the project: AVSI, WLEDE, Nile Forestry Agro, Lira District Local Government focal point person and the Executive director of Young treps.

The objectives of the meeting were:

  • Provide a comprehensive overview of EGO trends of 2018
  • Develop an enriched EGO 2018 annual report
  • Draw EGO work plan and strategy for implementation in 2019
  • To harmonize EGO work plan with the E.U approved budget quarterly and annual mile stone
  • To reflect and revise project intervention strategy ( draw lessons, challenges and recommendations)

The three days meeting ended on a good note with visits to private partners engaged in the project, this included visit to famous job center being run by the Young Treps, Scarlet mushroom farm dealing in mushroom production and also training of 120 beneficiaries in mushroom farming, Lira Rabbit also a private partner engaged in keeping rabbits for business purpose.

WLEDE is doing a great job in the project by offering trainings to young people and women in Governance and leadership and various supports in different aspects with other implementing partners in areas like Retooling of Natural resource, establishment and operationalization of young people and women engagement plat forms, drawing, adoption and operationalization of an all- inclusive Natural resource management frame work among other support